Rebel Legion Hawai'i is a branch force of the international costuming fan site Rebel Legion Hawai'i follows their same rules. (The official Rebel Legion Club Charter guidelines can be found HERE.)
A few of the most important Rebel Legion guidelines are as follows:

[Excerpt from's Article II: Membership]

Members must be at least 18 years of age (19 in the state of Alabama) to join the Rebel Legion. The Rebel Legion claims no responsibility for minors at events that are hosted or attended by its members.


[Excerpt from's Article VII: Costuming Standards - Quality]

Many people like to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character for Halloween or other occasions. While we support and encourage anyone who likes to costume, in order to gain membership a costume must be of a higher level of quality than the average Halloween attire.

1. Costumes must not look or be store bought.

2. A costume cannot simply be a collection of found clothing (i.e. a bathrobe and a karate uniform does not qualify as a Jedi costume). If 50% or more of the costume is made of unaltered pre-existing clothing it is not acceptable.

3. The costume should look professional.

To join Rebel Legion Hawai'i, fans would have to follow these and all guidelines. But don't be fooled. Costuming with us can be lots of fun! Joining us entails that you'll very likely be appearing with us in public in costume.

If you want to be a part of Rebel Legion Hawai'i, please contact us at

For those interested in being listed on the international level, we highly recommend you also submit your costume photograph(s) and pertinent info to If you need help in doing this, we will be more than happy to help.

You can join in two ways:

1. As a "forum only" member. This entitles you to participate in discussions at However, you will not have access to all areas of the website until you...

2. join as a costuming member. This, obviously, requires a costume. To upgrade your membership account this way, you would have to submit a photo of yourself in your costume(s) and the other pertinent info that they ask for.

Whether or not you join the parent site, we at Rebel Legion Hawaii welcome all interested people and new members!

For more information please contact us at:


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