A few years ago, the scourge of the 501st Legion, a.k.a. "Vader's Fist", landed Earthside & has since grown to terrible proportions. Imperial troops now even patrol O'ahu, Hawai'i, flexing the Empire's oppression on all they see. Until recently, their evil ways have gone unabated.

Now, this is changing for the better.

Jay Tee Erricck, born and raised on O'ahu and long-time supporter of the Rebel Alliance, realized that, even sorely outnumbered, he had to do what must be done. He would fight against the Empire. But, would he have to do this alone?

He had spotted other Rebels on occasions past and had heard of Rebel sympathizers via the internet. Seeing this spurred him to acknowledge that it was finally time to search Hawai'i for any other fellow Rebels. Will his battle be a lonely one? Will he find comrades in arms against the Empire? Perhaps you can help.

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A message from Robert "Master Jedi" Kovacs

Former Base Commander - Endor Base

May 7, 2005

"On behalf of the Rebel Legion and myself I would like to thank you for your time and effort in putting together a great site,
Good Job! I hope it will help promote the love of Star Wars in Hawai'i and wherever even more.

Oh and now that you're official.........welcome to the Rebel Legion."

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